Ful-Vane™ Air Compressors


The Ful-Vane compressor offers many benefits compared with other compression technologies, including long compressor life-cycle, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

Developed from Fuller® design and technology, FLSmidth’s Ful-Vane™ compressors provide more compression with less energy. The large inlet area provides efficient capture of large air flows. There are only three moving parts for minimal mechanical losses. The constant blade-to-cylinder contact results in sustained compression efficiency. Our innovative shaft and bearing design minimizes drive losses. The inlet/outlet configuration eliminates internal compression losses. Suited for operation with variable frequency drive.

FLSmidth offers a full range of single-stage and two-stage compressors; from critical parts to complete self-contained packages. Packages may be custom built to project specifications or FLSmidth standards.

FLSmidth offers standard designed Ful-Pak air compressor packages for sizes C135 and larger. Ready for installation with only cooling water, power and air piping connections needed.

FLSmidth’s vacuum pumps are designed for a wide range of vacuum services:

  • Vacuum filtering
  • Flash cooling
  • Flash drying
  • General vacuum
  • Vacuum holding
  • Vacuum de-gassing


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