Fuller-Kinyon® ‘M’ Pump 3-piece bearing housing exchange program – “Hot Swaps”

The “Hot Swap” is a fully assembled FK Pump bearing housing for the 3-piece screw design. It comes as a complete assembly including new seals, bushings and bearings, and is pre-lubricated.

Similar to our compressor exchange program, the Hot Swap program exchanges worn 3-piece ‘M‘ pump bearing housing assemblies for new warranted replacements. Ship your worn bearing assembly to one of our Service Centers.  If an inspection reveals that its shaft, bearing housing, bearing support, and cover plate can be used again (many can be) for a future rebuild, there will be no upcharge for the reusable parts.

Delivery is fast because we maintain large inventories of bearing housings at our Manheim, Pennsylvania plant and at our Certified Service Centers, strategically located throughout North America.

The cost of each Hot Swap is significantly less than buying the individual parts. The savings get even better when you factor in the reduced overall system downtime.

Maximize the benefits of the 3-piece screw in your Type ‘M’ Fuller-Kinyon Pumps by keeping Hot Swap bearing assemblies in your inventory.  Having complete bearing assemblies readily available allows for immediate replacement and shortest possible downtime (3-hour screw and bearing replacement time) for your Fuller-Kinyon ‘M’ Pump systems.