Fuller-Kinyon® Pump and Ful-Vane™ Compressor Mini-Audits

A mini-audit is simply a 20-minute walk-through visual inspection of each Fuller-Kinyon® pump and Ful-Vane™ compressor.  The purpose of the mini-audit, with consideration of time and opportunity for plant personnel, is to visually observe and assess the equipment without disassembling. We check system operation, main component parts, and recommended protective accessories. You will receive a report including our observations, recommendations, and suggestions to guide you in improving your conveying system. This report will aid in reducing maintenance and downtime, and can generally increase overall plant efficiency.

Typically, we perform Mini-audits with the equipment in operation – no need to shut down any of the systems.  We can also perform audits on idle systems; however, the report will not include the same level of detailed operational information.