Fuller-Kinyon® Pump Celebrating 100 Years

FLSmidth Pneumatic Transport Celebrates 100 Years of Reliable Fuller-Kinyon® Pump Performance

1930 Fuller-Lehigh CompanyFirst envisioned and built in 1918 as a safe way to handle pulverized fuels, the Fuller-Kinyon® screw pump continues to be a major component in material handling systems throughout the world. Every screw pump offered around the world was either copied or licensed from the original design. Some original Fuller-Kinyon pumps, sold in 1926 are still operating today.

The Fuller-Kinyon screw pump moved all the cement used to build the Hoover Dam; and, in 1940, the Fuller-Kinyon screw pump transported cement from more than 61,000 railcars to build the Grand Coulee Dam.

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