Pneumatic Blending

Pneumatic Blending

We engineer our pneumatic blending silos to maximize the benefits of fluidization and gravity technologies over mechanical blending.

FLSmidth technologies give you operating efficiency, low power consumption, flexibility and increased productivity. Our product range can combine storage and blending for space-saving plant layouts.

Experience counts. FLSmidth has supplied over 500 blenders to industrial customers worldwide over the past 70 years. Our technology and commitment to product development and testing have made us the #1 supplier of air gravity blenders.

Central inverted cone – air assisted gravity blending

Multiple outlet gravity discharge combined with central cone construction gives advanced gravity blending and storage with a power consumption as low as 0.25 to 0.5

Random Flow™ blender

Six pie-shaped sectors (each subdivided into six aeration zones) and continuous blending in a timed discharge pattern provide the lowest energy gravity blending silo available. Power consumption on cement raw meal as low as 0.07 kWh / metric ton.

Airmerge™ blending

Air blending is achieved by use of a porous membrane over the entire bin bottom, 4 air plenums and a simple flow control system enable. Together they change the density of material in the fluidized bed of material to generate a gentle folding action and a near perfect blend.

Column blender

A fully fluidized cone, an upper and lower air plenum and an open-ended central column allow the principle of air blending to be applied to even the most difficult materials.

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